How it works

Build your campaign

Write your brief, outline goals, audience, and ad settings so our creators can get right to work.


AI influencer selection

Our AI will analyze your brand, target audience and brief to select the best creators for your project.


Content creation

Selected creators will use their skills and expertise to create content that meets your objectives.


Post and analyze

Creators will post according to your schedule, then you can sit back and watch your content do numbers.

How do I know the content will suit my brand?

You'll be able to provide full details of your campaign in the ad creation process. Be as detailed as you need. Our AI picks the best creators for your needs, and they have the option to accept or decline based on how they feel it aligns with their audience.

What social platforms can I use my video for?

In our brief builder you'll be able to choose the format of the video and for what channels you'd want to use them. Currently we offer posting on Instagram and Facebook, with more to come in the future.

What's the usual length of a video created?

You'll be able to choose format settings like photo or video, story or feed post, and video length – and your budget will adjust accordingly.