We only invite creators to our platform if we're sure we can work with them

Part of our mission is to empower truly talented creators, remove the existing friction in the influencer marketing workflow,
and allow them to focus on their creative process.

How it works

Sign up and connect your social accounts

Once you sign up, you can connect the social accounts you want, and that's it! You're ready to work with us.


Get invited to campaigns that are a perfect fit for you

You'll get the entire campaign brief, including product description, deliverables and budget.


You'll have the option to accept or decline

If you accept the campaign the job is yours! You can focus on creating a great post for the brand.


Get paid as soon as the campaign is over

You can make payouts directly to your bank account or to your Paypal account whenever you want.


You'll only work with vetted brands

As a creator, you have to be careful with scammers and brands that are dubious. We're tackling that problem head on and vetting ALL the brands that we onboard, so we have a healthy environment for collaboration.

How much will I get for a post?

Our system uses AI to define the budget for each influencer participating in a campaign. The price is established based on a variety of elements, including number of followers, engagement rate and type of post. Every campaign invitation will have the rate proposed. You can also set a minimum price.

Do I have to send results or screenshots to the brand?

No, once you accept the campaign you don't have to do anything but focus on creating great content. We'll do the rest.

Is there a minimum amount required to make withdraws?

Yes, but the minimum required is $50, so you should always be able to withdraw once you receive a payment from a campaign.

Why do I have to connect my social accounts?

It allows us to read your profile and assess a number of things, such as what types of campaigns you're a fit for, the fee you should receive, etc. It also let's us vet creators to keep quality high for our brands.